How to Plan a Golf Trip

Planning a golf trip can look like a simple task but when you start to look for destinations, call all your friends, try to find a free date for the trip and setting the budget plan or expenses, you will realize that the whole planning process will need a bit of your time. Take a look at the tips given below to help you plan your trip make the whole process more organized and easier.

Who Will Join?

The first step is to decide who will join the trip. Is it for your colleagues or your relatives or friends? You should also decide whether the trip is open for non-golfer? Will you also be inviting spouses and kids? If so, will there be activities for them as well? Do you want the group to be large or a small one? After deciding all these factors, then you can inform those who you have decided to take on the trip. The date and the destination of the trip will depend on the people who are participating and the number of people in your group. And once all the people are informed, you can work together to decide on a destination and dates.


Deciding the date is sometimes the hardest part of the trip planning process. You can either decide a date and inform your mates or ask them for a date that is convenient for all of them. Your trip will not be successful if some of them cannot participate because they are busy on the set date. Most of the times, weekends or public holidays will be the ideal dates as many people are free on such dates without work or college and you will have maximum participation. Try to fix a date as soon as possible since it will give them time to clear their schedules and prepare for the trip. This will allow them to move their work and set a date that is free of important work meetings, exams, graduations, weddings or other important events.


Since you have planned who is going to come and what dates they all will be free, now you can decide on a destination. You may already have a list of places where you have always wanted to play but since there is a group of people for the trip, they may not always be the ideal place. Get ideas from the rest of the group and look for places that offer some of the best Golf deals. You will also have to consider the prices of each place to make it convenient for all the participants. Select a place where all of them can agree on and then set on to book that place.

After planning all of the above three areas, then you simply have to prepare yourself for the trip. Manage all our work-place responsibilities or your college work before the date of the trip. Make a list of essentials you need to take with you which will have to include a travel cover for your clubs, a pair of shades and some comfortable clothing for a vacation.