How to Become a True Gentleman

Have you seen the movie Kingsmen? Did you ever think that some of the things that the cast did were really cool? More like things that a gentleman would do. It used to be a time where people used to dress differently and talk differently. As technology has advanced over time, so has our behaviour. So at times like this when you do behave like a true gentleman, you will be appreciated in the society. So what are the things and habits you should have to be a true gentleman?

The Art of Proper Dressing

Although I do understand that it is the time of wearing basketball shorts and snapback caps, it really takes the essence of a man out. A man should have a proper dressing sense which would make him stand out from all the boys in the crowd. It is true that you should own a suit and one that is custom tailored to your body structure. But with that being said you can’t always be wearing a suit. In which case always opt for things such as chinos and polo wear to really look gentleman-ish.

Manners Makes a Man

There is no point to change your style of dressing but still have a boyish behaviour. I am not saying that you should be more serious. Of course not. But a man should know how to behave. He should be loving, caring, empathic to the people around him and helpful. This is something that the world lack nowadays and I think we all could benefit by adopting these qualities

Do a Sport and Take Care Of Your Health

Although any sport is good for your health one sport that really stands out as being a man’s game is golf. People tend to join gold clubs not only to play a good game of golf but also to connect with like-minded individuals. Well, Ranfurlie Golf Club is one such place where people come to blow off steam and enjoy a good game. Not to forget, once again golf is in fact is a very classy sport.

Be Mindful Of Your Time and Others

One time gentlemen have in common is that they value time. They understand that time is one of the most precious resources available. Mainly because it is so limited. They understand that it is important to respects peoples time to they tend to be punctual whenever they have to meet somebody.

He Tends To Swear Less

Yes the new rap culture and people like Eminem and 50 cent that people look up to have made cussing a very cool thing. That’s why people tend to use is nowadays. As we are all humans we tend to get busy and we might end up dropping the F-bomb once in a while. But a gentleman tries to be classy with the words that he uses. He believes that the language he speaks is a direct reflection of his character.

A gentleman is someone who is very comfortable in his own skin and is confident in nature. Of course, some of these traits might sound a little old fashioned but believe me, next time you are on a date with a new girl, and she sees that you really are a gentleman she will be more appreciative of you.