How Do You Deal with Pimples?

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If you have bad skin, you probably suffer from acne. Acne is something we all deal with, but at times, it can get unbearable. That’s why you’ll enjoy this article as we’ll be running through the many ways you can keep your skin free from it.

Oily Food

Oily food is very bad for you. Not only is it horrible for your body, it’s a menace to your skin. If you’re not aware, your skin produces pimples when there’s excess oil. So, by eating oily foods, you’re amping up this oil production.

Stay Hydrated

While on the topic of an oily face, something that can bring about this is your hydration levels. You should try and drink as much water as possible as otherwise, your brain will signal your skin to produce excess oil. Hence, you’ll break out.

Your Pillows

By monitoring how you sleep, you can reduce your chances of breaking out. This is as pimples are produced by bacteria as well. That’s why you want to keep your skin clean.

Your pillows may not be helping with this as they could be very dirty. So, keeping your face on them and sleeping is a very bad move.

You’re Touching Your Face

Touching your face constantly is also bad. The same idea mentioned above applies here as well. Your hands aren’t the cleanest things out there. So, when you constantly touch your face, you’re transferring bacteria to it. This makes way for a lot of pimples.

Wash Your Face

While on the topic of bacteria getting on your skin, a way to eliminate this is to wash your face as much as you can. This will leave your skin clean, not letting bacteria wreak havoc.

That being said, you should be careful of how often you wash your face. You shouldn’t do it too much as this cause you to produce too much oil, causing pimples to emerge.

Don’t Pop Your Pimples

Acne scarring is as bad as getting pimples. Unfortunately, the scars can be impossible to eliminate, harder than eradicating pimples themselves. One of the biggest ways you get acne scars is when you pop pimples.


This causes it to bleed and leave back a mark. When this happens, your best bet would be to get a skin peel. This is as it gets rid of layers of skin cells, causing fading. Thankfully, they’re easily accessible if you were to book an appointment at the SCCC.

Don’t Use Just Any Skin Product

As you’re dealing with constant break outs, it can be tempting to head to the store and pick out any product promising relief from acne. Unfortunately, they don’t perform as good as they’re marketed- this is true for the majority at least. That’s why you shouldn’t just blindly use the product you bought, especially if your acne starts acting up, hoping for the cream to kick in.

With that done and dusted, it’s easy to see there are a range of ways you can tackle pimples. So, heed the above points if you want to be the most successful.