Gifts Ideas for Your Grandpa All Year Round

Ever wanted to give someone a unique gift that they would cherish and make them feel special. Does that someone happen to be your favourite granddad? Grandparents are special and deserve to get special gifts for all that they do for us. Well, here are some gift ideas to help you get that unforgettable one of a kind gift.

The Sporty Grandpa

You are in luck if you’re grandpa’s the sporty type. There are always so many new choices for you in this department. You could get him a customised day package of his favourite sport, maybe tickets to a grand slam event or if he’s into golf, get him a GSM Golf voucher. For a smaller gift, you could always get him a comfortable sun hat, new tees, a favourite sports jacket or nice fishing set.

The Green-Thumbed Grandpa

This guy loves nature, his green garden and treats his plants like family. You could get him a variety of seeds for the spring, just find out what type of plants he wants. Or he will like a new sprinkler set if he needs one or maybe a new lawnmower. If it’s a small gift, then give him vouchers for a supply of plant nutrients, gardening tools set, a garden bell or a bird bath.

The Academic Grandpa

For the literally inclined, your gift will be in the bookstore. A new discussion by an old master, a crossword puzzle or a bound diary. Small gifts could include a pencil holder, shiny new fine tip pen or personalised notebook. A chess set or nice book covers are a good idea too.

Take It Easy Grandpa

For the grandpa who is not seriously involved in anything -but making you laugh. You can get him some comfy, coloured socks, cotton pyjamas or soft carpet slippers. A nice watch, glass case or an alarm clock would be nice too. A funny glass holder or picture frame will make him happy too.

Travelling Grandpa

The worldwide traveller usually has many gifts to offer you, so what do you offer him? A compass maybe, or a travelling case. Sunglasses or cap, even a flower printed shirt. Comfortable socks, vests and sandals will also be appreciated. Maybe a log book or a captain’s hat will suit his adventurous nature.

The Handyman Grandpa

Maybe your grandpa’s the type who is still fixing problems for everyone else. Then he is sure to love some new tools and equipment for his handy workshop. Get him a tools organizer, a new screwdriver set or the latest gadget in town. For a small gift, you can give a belt to put tools while working, a comfy cap or a nice pair of scissors.

Culinary Grandpa

You are lucky if you have a grandpa who welcomes you with sizzling sausages and fries. This granddad definitely deserves some culinary delights. Get him a new barbecue grill set, a Middle Eastern clay oven or a book of new recipes he can try. For a small gift, you can get him a new chopping board, shiny kitchen clock, a pair of oven gloves or an apron saying ‘World’s Best Granddad’.